Weather storm

Paul Squires
1 min readOct 8, 2023

The demands of work and life has meant that mixing has taken a back seat in recent weeks. There was also a logistical holdup, in that I had run out of Mixcloud uploads on the free tier, and wasn’t sure where I was going to put my mixes in future. Eventually, it was a “better the devil you know” decision and I plumped for Mixcloud Pro. Not only does it offer unlimited mix uploads, but it adds an HQ audio feature. This mix isn’t the first in HQ audio — that’s for next time.

However, I hope that you like this one. It’s a mix of experimental ambient and soft DnB tracks, interspersed with weather report videotapings from US TV in the 80s (track 1 is interwoven throughout the mix).

Hope you like it.

Track listing

  • Forecast Across The Region (Dreamweather)
  • Invocation (Chris Watson, KK Null & Z’EV)
  • Scale (Konduku)
  • Practice Daily (Zenker Brothers)
  • In the Hollow Created Between The Eyebrows, What Offering Would Be Most Appropriate (Pan Sonic & Haino Keiji)
  • 500 Year Orbit (Zeitkratzer & Terre Thaemlitz)
  • Neuschnee (Byetone)
  • 684 (Atom)
  • Daylightastronomy (Robert Lippok)
  • The Boat (Hania Rani)
  • Silent City (Marco Zenker)
  • Mercia (Al Wootton)
  • Anxiety (Tim Hecker)
  • Mezzo Piano (Maria Rosenfeld)
  • Hitting The Surface (Monolake)

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