This week’s mix: Blasting the cobwebs away

Paul Squires
1 min readOct 11, 2023

This one is a drum and bass mix for early Autumn*. In the UK, we have enjoyed a late blast of summer but now, as the sky is grey and the leaves are blowing around, let’s get some energy going.

Track listing

DJ Krome & Mr Time, Studio One Lik 0:00

Ivy Lab, Domo 05:06

Run Tings & Liftin’ Spirits, Invincible 07:42

Squarepusher, Nervelevers 13:54

Maere, Pseudo Violence 18:18

Adred, Levitation 23:34

David Michael Cross, DMX Krew & Jonny from Space, Human Clones (Jonny from Space remix) 28:24

Nu:Logic, Morning Light (Technimatic Remix) 34:50

Blocks & Escher, This One 39:34

Technical Itch, Y-1 44:48

Phuture Assassins, The Tempest Vibe 52:00

Kid Drama & Garvo, 1759 56:18

Gino Ginelli, The Red Egg 1:02:12

Camo & Krooked & Mefjus, Overture 1:06:14

Van Wilkins, Lose My Mind 1:11:20

Future Cut, Horns (NC-17 Remix) 1:16:24

The mix is available as HQ audio on Mixcloud.

(* = “Fall” also permitted)



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