Paul Squires
2 min readApr 23, 2024

Thanks to everyone who responded regarding my recent idea of dinners and drinks. I’m going to put the idea to the back burner for now as it needs a little more thinking through.

24in24 is an idea nick-er… inspired by the wonderful Matt Ballentine. His 100 Coffees project gave him a platform to meet 100 people, in-person or remote, and simply have a conversation. The conversation could be about work, life, or anything in between. Such is the success that it’s still going and, at the time of writing, Matt is on coffee meeting 155.

I can’t do 100 meetings. It’s not through the want of trying, but that I want to start small, gauge demand, and work up from there. Also, I have different criteria.

24in24 is an idea where I meet in-person or online with someone, sometime in 2024. The criteria is that we must have connected previously, somehow. It doesn’t matter how (in-person, work, LinkedIn, whatever) but that connection must have previously occurred.

I’d like the ratio to be 12 people from my working life (at any time in my career) and 12 people from my personal life. I will post the highlights of the conversation, anonymised, after it happens — perhaps with a photo or two.

I am very much looking forward to these conversations happening. They will probably all start with my apologising for some stupid thing (or things, most likely) that I have done in the past, and once I stop crying, I’m sure that we’ll have a lovely conversation.

If you’re interested, get in touch: 24in24@perininetworks.com.



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